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The United States Military is composed of 5 Military Branches

The United States Military is made of 5 Branches

The United States military has a greater cause then what meets the eyes. It’s purpose is to Protect, Serve, Defend the interests of the United States of America. This is accomplished through a number of ways; primarily guaranteeing humankinds freedoms for those in pursuit of liberty and its basic democracies. But through all the relic(s) and political propagandas, lets take a closer look at what it takes to become the #1 Super Power on this planet also being mindful of the many years of ultimate sacrifices and casualties that this great nation has endured, in achieving one ultimate goal, FREEDOM!

Protect, Serve, Defend

Protect, Serve, Defend








The United States has a total of 5 military branches serving the interests of the people of this God great land. The Army military branch, which was founded by the Continental Congress in June of 1775, has a total of 561,984 in active personnel with 205,000 in reserve personnel The average pay for an enlisted soldier of the Army for 4-years is $28,178.00.  According to online statistics;

“The United States Army is the main ground-force of the United   States. The Army’s main function is to protect and defend the United States (and its interests) by way of ground troops, armor (tanks), artillery, attack helicopters, tactical nuclear weapons, etc. The Army is the oldest U.S. Military service.”

Future of our Soldiers!

Future of our Army Soldiers?

The Airforce is the smallest of the military branches but serves as an instrumental factor to the military depending on the kind of warfare the US can be engaged in. This military branch is made up of 333,370 active soldiers. The average pay for an Airforce Cadet is $846.00 per month in serving this great mighty nation. According to online statistics;

The primary mission of the Air Force is to defend the United States (and its interests) through exploitation of air and space. To accomplish this mission, the Air Force operates fighter aircraft, tanker aircraft, light and heavy bomber aircraft, transport aircraft, and helicopters (which are used mainly for rescue of downed-aircrew, and special operations missions). The Air Force is also responsible for all military satellites, and controls all of our Nation’s strategic nuclear ballistic missiles.”


Air Force protecting the friendly skies!

The United States Navy was established in the same year the Army was established which was in 1775 by the Continental Congress. The Navy’s primary purpose is to maintain the freedom of the seas. The active duty Navy has about 54,000 officers, and 324,000 enlisted personnel with the average pay to be about and around $18,127 for an E-2 enistee.

“The Navy makes it possible for the United States to use the seas where and when our national interests require it. In addition, in times of conflict, the Navy helps to supplement Air Force air power. Navy aircraft carriers can often deploy to areas where fixed runways are impossible. An aircraft carrier usually carries about 80 aircraft. Most of these are fighters or fighter-bombers. Additionally, Navy ships can attack land targets from miles away (with very heavy guns), and cruise missiles. Navy submarines (fast attack and ballistic missile subs) allow stealth attacks on our enemies from right off their shores. The Navy is also primarily responsible for transporting Marines to areas of conflict.”

Navy ships taking the sea!

Navy ships taking to the sea!









The few, The proud, The Marines! This motto is best known for the military branch of the United State Marines. The Marines was founded in 1778 by the Continental Congress. The Marines main purpose is to specialize in amphibious operations. Their primary specialty is to assault, capture, and control “beach heads,” which then provide different avenues to attack the enemy from any point source location. A private first classman (PFC) soldier in the US Marines earns around $20,398.00 per year.  

“For combat operations, the Marines like to be self-sufficient, as much as possible, so they also have their own air power, consisting primarily of fighter and fighter/bomber aircraft and attack helicopters. Even so, the Marines use the Navy for much of their logistical and administrative support. For example, there are no doctors, nurses, or enlisted medics in the Marine Corps. Even medics that accompany the Marines into combat are specially-trained Navy medics.” 

"Semper Fi" Corps and Country

“Semper Fi” Corps and Country







In total, there is an estimated 2,291,910 active/reserve soldiers, serving in today’s  United States military. China has an estimated 4,585,000 active/reserve military soldiers at their disposal. The Russia Federation has an estimated 3,524,000 active/reserve, North Korea with an outstanding 9,495,000


The ultimate price for Freedom!

The ultimate price for Freedom!

 Currently the United States rank #1 in Global spending on its military, which is projected to be slashed in billions by the year 2016. While the US military deploys its servicemen on bases around the globe, it is seen to provide World peace, along with humanitarian efforts, giving people a sense of security and hope which is truly needed in this day and age. The lingering question about how much we are supposed to spend on our military defense or military testing, is left to our country’s economists and political experts. In a society where world peace can be easily compromised in a blink of an eye, through nuclear programs, technological weaponry advancements, and strong military’s globally, it can be seen as neither a good idea or a bad idea investing in our own military.

Military Budgets and Cuts.

Military Budgets and Cuts.


 Our future spending, on current and future soldiers, deserve our country’s top dollar. We’ll eventually will work out the kinks to our defense budgets spending as issues arise, but the price to Protect, Serve, and Defend this great free Nation comes with no price-tag. We as Americans, don’t do enough for American Veterans who have already served this country, and that too needs to be addressed, however cutting back drastically on defense budgets in this country gives American soldiers a disadvantage in areas of technological advancements other countries are making with their military’s.

Spending on our "future" is called investments!

Spending on our “future” is called investments!



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