The Hoovervilles

The stock market crash in 1929, which we called The Great Depression, caused the worst economic crisis of the United States. Many people believe if the government had more control over banks, it might have been prevented or not as harsh. Monetary Policy in the Great Depression: What the Fed Did, and Why – Depression_Mar_Apr1992.pdf

During the Great Depression, many families lost their homes because they could not pay their mortgages. These people had no choice but to seek alternative forms of shelter. As the Depression worsened in the 1930’s, it caused very severe hardships for millions of Americans. Shanty towns appeared across the U.S. as unemployed people were evicted from their homes. When the government failed to provide relief, President Herbert Hoover was blamed for the economic and social conditions, and the shanty towns that cropped up across the nation, mostly on the outskirts of major cities, became known as The Hoovervilles. President Herbert Hoover was defeated in the 1932 presidential election by Franklin Roosevelt, who’s New Deal recovery programs eventually helped the U.S. out of the Depression.

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