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Update December 2:  The instructions for the last unit, Unit 8, have been revised and posted.  Not much change, just more info about the final exam and two postings to the commons.


Update Tuesday evening, Aug 25: Be sure to check your LCC student email.  It has important instructions and login information for logging into the “Commons” for this course for discussion assignments.  The Commons is now open and ready for posting.

Besides the Commons, a reminder that Unit 1 is ready.  Just click on “Unit 1” on the menu bar just above here and start reading and doing.

This is only metaphorical to represent where we’re at. I’m actually quite scared of heights and rock climbing is NOT where you would find me. 😉 — jim

Update: Sunday, Aug 23, 2pm.

I’m almost there. I’m certainly a lot closer than a few days ago, but the site update is proving slow.

Here’s where we are:

The U.S Economic History site ( – the thing you’re reading right now) is mostly ready.  Certainly all the written materials for assignments for Units 1-6 are ready here.  So you can get started by going to Unit 1 tab and proceeding.

What’s still to come:

  1. I have to finish creating the discussion Commons called . You can look at it now, but the ability to login and post isn’t ready yet.  Very close, though.
  2. I’m going to add a couple of short videos of me explaining some the rationale behind the layout of the course, the 3 websites (D2L,, and
  3. I have to add some more explanation and resources for the Book Review-Analysis Project assignment.  We have some time for that, though, since you don’t need to do anything related to it until mid-September and the heavy lifting happens in November.



head and shoulders photo of Jim teaching a classHello and welcome to U.S. Economic History, also known as ECON 213 in the Lansing Community College world.  I’m Jim Luke, the guy shown here and I’m the Professor for this course.

I know you’re probably very excited to get started and somewhat anxious about what’s required. Well, I hate to do this but you’ll need to wait a couple days.  Right now I’ve fallen a bit behind on the website update/refresh I’ve planned for this course.  I expect the sites to be ready Saturday morning, Aug. 22.

So you have a choice (economics is always about choices, by the way!). You can:

  1. Leave this site now, forget about Econ 213 for 2 days, and come back on Saturday.  Maybe you could go tend to your other courses or pretend your summer break is a 2 days longer than you thought (Christmas in August!).
    —OR —
  2. You begin shopping to buy the one required textbook* that requires a purchase and begin reading over the syllabus.  Information and details about the texts are in the syllabus. And then come back on Saturday for more information and getting started.
      * there are other required books /reading materials but they are free online

It makes no difference to me.  Now a couple of pieces of information to help you make this choice:  Your first hard deadline for completing some reading assignments, a quiz, and making some discussion postings in the discussion commons is end-of-day on Sept 1.  Before that date you’ll need to write a post about why you’re taking this course and what you hope to get out of it.  There’s no right or wrong answer, but I would like something more thoughtful than “I needed another 3 credits of something…”  You might want to start thinking about this and let it percolate in your brain for awhile.

Oh, and the syllabus is actually on my public teaching website,  A direct link to the Fall 2015 syllabus is:  It also has contact information for me.